If you already have your

OWN PLACE... can still join a charity team and take advantage of the many benefits that go with guaranteed places. When you fill in the application form, please click on the Own Place button and you will be asked to specify the type of place you hold.

As an Own Place runner, you will not have to sign a sponsorship pledge, but you will be asked to target at least £500. As with Guaranteed runners, most charities offer you the chance to earn a reward if you raise more than this amount.

As explained elsewhere, you may become an Own Place runner if you are successful in the Ballot after you have submitted a Pledge Form for a Guaranteed Place. In that case, your Pledge Form will be destroyed and any registration fee you have paid will be credited to your sponsorship account.

You may choose to run for the same charity as a friend or family member who already has a guaranteed place. That way you can help them with their sponsorship and we welcome such fundraising teams, which are asked to raise the pledge-plus-£500 between them

Please note that it is not possible to split sponsorship proceeds between two or more charities/causes: all funds must be raised exclusively for a single charity, so all members of a team must commit to running for the same charity.

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