Charity: Aspire

Area of Operation:Nationwide
Charity no:1075371 SCO37482
Pledge level:£2000 including £50 registration fee
What we do:

There are currently around 40,000 people in the UK with a spinal cord injury. On average a further 6 people will incur a spinal injury every day and as a result become a permanent wheelchair user. At present there is no cure.

ASPIRE works with people with spinal cord injury to create opportunity, choice and independence from the moment of their injury and for the rest of their lives. As a leading spinal cord injury charity our philosophy is to reintegrate spinally injured people back into society after their injury and to encourage, facilitate and enable them to reach their full potential. In choosing to be part of the ASPIRE running team you will help to change the lives of those who, through their spinal cord injury, may never walk or run again.

As part of the ASPIRE team you can expect to receive:

Whether you have your own place in the race or would like to apply for one of our own Guaranteed places, ASPIRE would love to hear from you and have you on the team at the next London Marathon.

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