Charity: Dockland Settlements

Area of Operation:Isle of Dogs, Stratford, Rotherhithe
Charity no:306025
Pledge level:£1500 including £50 registration fee
What we do:

For 125 years Dockland Settlements has provided recreational, educational and sporting services and facilities to communities within the Rotherhithe, Stratford and Isle of Dogs areas of London. Business development and regeneration within these areas has created a host of new opportunities for local people but many living in the shadow of the tall buildings, corporate headquarters at Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park, still face life in some of the most deprived areas of the country.

Dockland Settlements works within these communities providing breakfast and after-school clubs, youth work, training, volunteering opportunities, organised disability sports and social activities to low-income families and the elderly.

The charity is a thriving and vibrant organisation that will face many exciting challenges in the coming years as we work to maintain and expand our capacity and open new centres. In return for your commitment to raise sponsorship and so help us to achieve our goals, many of our staff and volunteers will provide marshalling and other support services on the course, particularly between mile 14 and 21, thereby helping you to achieve your goal on Marathon day. Furthermore our community centre in Rotherhithe is on Salter Road and anyone who runs on behalf of the Dockland Settlements will be able to use our toilets on the race day or just enjoy the extra loud cheers around this section of the Marathon!

Please help us support some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people living in London by choosing to race for our charity.

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