The next TCS London Marathon is on

Sunday April 21, 2024

It is now too late to apply for a charity place in this year's event...

...other than in exceptional circumstances - see below*.

You are welcome to make an advance application via CRunCH for the 2025 London Marathon: all applications received after February 7 will be stored until May when we will contact you about the LM25 process.

Please note that Pledge levels listed here relate to LM24; you will be notified if they change for next year's Marathon.

*Exceptional circumstances: if they suffer a dropout before the entry deadline of March 7, some charities may be willing to consider a late application if you can provide proof of funding. This may involve upfront payment of the charity's Pledge. There is a very limited supply of such places and not all charities seek to fill late vacancies as the unused places can be rolled over to next year.

If you would like to be considered for such a place, please make an application here in the usual way and send an email to with some background information.

No places can be offered under any circumstances after the official deadline of March 7.

How CRunCH works for you

CRunCH - the Charity Runners Clearing House - teams up people who want to run the TCS London Marathon with charities that have guaranteed or “Golden Bond” places to offer. (We also match runners who have their own place via the Club system or the Public Ballot with the charity of their choice.)

If you have arrived here without a particular cause in mind, you can choose from a wide range of charities offering around 800 guaranteed places to people willing to raise sponsorship funds. If you have been directed here by your favourite charity, you will be taken straight to its application form when you click on the button to the right.

If selected, you will be asked to sign a Pledge Form committing to raise an agreed amount. Pledges for 2024 range from £1,200 to £2,500, with most charities stipulating a minimum of at least £1,500.

Since 1997, CRunCH has found places for many thousands of runners who together have raised around £25 million for good causes.

Most of these runners would otherwise have missed the chance to take part - and it's getting harder every year.

Quality over quantity!

You may only apply for one charity at a time. We will not consider multiple applications, so give one charity your best shot. The Clearing House facility means you have the opportunity switch to another cause if you do not get a place with your first choice.

Live in London? - Choose a local charity!

Many national charities are based in London, but not many focus their efforts solely on London. Sponsors will warm to a local cause, so take a look at these great LOCAL London organisations:
Ability Bow Virgin Money London Marathon Dockland Settlements London